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This is a timeline of events in the universe

Formative Era


Game Start

October - Treaty of Bravis.

October - SMC declaration of war against Konig


New Grestin is founded.


May - Gagaria declares independence from Gagriel, beginning hostilities between the SMC and Arcadia

May - The Gagarian Genocide takes place, an estimated 150'000 are killed. The Arcadian Union declares war on Gagriel in response the next week.

June - The SMC declares an official war upon Arcadia

July - Treaty of the Bay brings the first Baskay Conflict to a close.


February - Arcadia demands the return of Gagriel, the ultimatum is refused.

February - The SMC launches an invasion of Stihland

April - Second Gagreil genocide, an estimated 600'000 are killed by chemical attacks.

June - The Kafrican Free Trade Area (KAFTA) is signed into being between Tekkia, Grestin, and Celrapan

November - Treaty of Baskay, ending hostilities between the SMC and Arcadia.


March - Gagriel is integrated into the Arcadian Union

September - The Democratic Republic of Kindia is founded.

October - The Theocracy of Alecton is founded

December - The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is signed into being by KSKM, Alecton, and Kindia


October - Final accords for the unification of Kerbia and Mentonogro are negociated. The KSKM is recognized as a nation.

The NMC is founded by fleeing SMC remnants having purchased most of the lands of the Benine Conglomerate

Expansion Era

Characterised by the establishment of many nations [and the start of the game being public]


The Mechani Union is founded.


May -

September - The Kolusian Allied Treaty Organisation (KATO) is signed into being by Tekkia, Grestin, Mechani, Solaria and Celrapan


The  Empire of Fegelandis founded.

Formation of PAKT

August - First Kalban International Technology Exhibition (KITE)


The Elysium Conclave is founded.


The SL-18 Novi Avion and The LAH-3 Wyvern are introduced.  

The Combined States of Aquaria is founded.

Invasions of Granderia.


Owlia hosts first riverbowl

Trial and Death of Joseph Kerman

Kroman constitution is ratified and the Republic of Krome is founded


First Meme War

December - Hutoroa Aerospace Incident


Second Meme War


Behin MOAB crisis


January 16 - The Arkadii-Sovie War begins; the two-year-long conflict gradually destabilizes both nations and lays the foundation for the dual Aeserian and Zokesian uprisings of 2057.

Northern Kombined States is founded

The First Elysian Civil war comes to a conclusion. The theocratic party emerges victorious.


December - KATO is

Collapse Era

Characterised by the frequent collapse of nations and civil conflicts


January 29th - The collapse of the Arcadian Union begins with General Vikus launching a coup in the Sithland islands, establishing a liberal Provisional Government and beginning the Aeserian Civil War.

February 17th - The Republic of Bosmyth and North Zokesia is founded by a breakaway government following Sanctum invasion of Neo-Zokesia.

July 20th - The last Arcadian stronghold in the mainland surrenders, ending the Aeserian Civil War. General Vikus throws Gregory Sithlovich, the Arcadian dictator, out of a helicopter, then steps down from wartime power as the Federal Republic of Aeseria's constitution is ratified.

August 17th - Zokesia wins the Zoke-Sovie War, obtaining international recognition for the new country.


Cyten Aerospace is founded in Aeseria, and the F-61 Condor is introduced.


Secession of Mentonogro, sparking the Kalban Civil War.

March - Vanadian Collapse, beginning a spiral of collapse across Kolus.


March - Comer Treaty is signed following last minute negotiations over Kroman Acquisition of the state.


Puge-Tatar is founded following the First Vanadian War

Sanctum Collapses into numerous states following failed support for Vanadian rebels.


Zokesia clashes with Aquaria and Elysium in Greater Baskay Bay over the sovereignty of Fish Island, in a conflict which resulted in Zokesian invaders eventually being repelled after temporarily occupying the iceberg, and it’s control reverting to Spearka. This liberation proved short lived, as the NMC would melt the island just weeks later through the concentrated launches of nearly 2,000 spaceborne kinetic impactors, the first significant use of orbital bombardment in Kerbin’s history.


January - The Delras Civil War begins.

Upstart Era

Characterised by (?)


July - Delras Civil War ends.

August 12th - PAKT officially dissolves after Arcadian exiles in Soltem attempt to re-establish control of the alliance in a coup, before being suppressed by Osiyan forces.

August 13th - Aeseria invades Neo-Arcadia in a blitz attack, liberating the country amidst PAKT's internal chaos and establishing the Republic of Konig as a democratic state.


Krome is removed from KATO and JCS

The Red Horde War Takes place.


Construction begins on the Kolus Road.


February - First Rostrum Civil War begins following federal elections

October - Rostrum Civil War ends with Rostrum-Fegeland Treaty


The F-77 Shrike is introduced.

Feguanesian Civil Disorder.


January - Second Rostrum Civil War begins

August - Second Rostrum Civil War ends with reactionary victory, Rostrum is reunited.


The Iconia is founded.

June - The First Continental War, otherwise known as the Arkadii-Zokesian War, is fought between the forces of the Tau Coalition and an Arcadian - led communist coalition.

September - the First Continental War ends with the fall of Arcadia and its alliance.

August - In the course First Continental War, the Republic of Basil invades and occupies Troika, beginning the first phase of the Minor Baskay War. The invasions prompts international condemnation and a Spearkan ultimatum, which is refused.  


September - Following the rejection of its ultimatum, Spearka declares war on Basil, beginning the War for Troikan Independence, and the second phase of the Minor Baskay War , between Basil's Tau Coalition allies and the Spearkan led Central Coalition.


October - the Minor Baskay War ends in a Tau Coalition victory.  

The Newseria is founded from the remnants of the Second Arcadian Union. They quickly become closely-aligned with Aeseria in a series of treaties and trade agreements.  


Amber is founded, as a democratic successor state to the Eradican Unity, which collapsed in the First Continental War.

Era of Strife

Characterised by frequent large wars beginning with the Kroman War.


The Second Elysian Civil War comes to a close. The Revisionists are victorious.

Aeseria and New Aeseria merge, forming the Federation of Central Aenia.

Karthax and New Grestin declare war on The Republic of Krome, starting the Kroman War.

Aeserian forces neutralize Arcadian Marines who refused the war's culmination in the Gorodsky Insurrection, quickly bringing the port city under occupation.  

The Combined Provinces of Doren and Kolusian Union State are both established as world superpowers, each with the GDP of ten nations.

The Charter of the New Extranational Organized Council of Nations is signed by the nations of Aenia, Amber, Basil, Angvarden, Eureka, Halco and Zokesia, enlarging the pre-existing Tau Coalition into the world-wide NEOCON alliance.

The F-74 Tigershark is introduced.


June - Survivors of the NMC settle to the west, founding The Meritocratic Confederacy of the Strait.

August - Treaty of Juno is signed following the end of a "Reign of Terror" by the NMC overlord.

November - Aenia adopts the "domino theory", seeking to prevent Doren from gaining favour in nearby microstates, starting a series of ideological interventions across the continent.


February - Amber invades the Commune of Kanbek, quickly defeating the country and founding the Kanbek Commonwealth, aligned against Doren.

September - Against internal pressure, the Kolusion Union State collapses. NEOCON members stand alone against the CPD.


The Vocavian Federation is founded.

December - The Konig Crisis begins as a pro-Doren coup fails in the country. Aenian units quickly reinforce the western half of Konig as CPD tanks advance into the east. The Konigite parliament evacuates the capital before it is occupied, and establishes a government-in-exile in the FCA.  

NEOCON delivers a deadline for Doren's withdrawal from Konig by January 1, 2081. Doren refuses the ultimatum.


January 1 - Hostilities commence between the Combined Provinces of Doren and the nations of NEOCON, beginning the Second Continental War, otherwise known as the Doren War. Fighting breaks out in the west in Aenia and Konig and the south in Canstana and Basil. Gruesome tank warfare and air engagements occur across the hemisphere.

January 16 - The NEOCON eastern front collapses with the rout of ZokesianHalcian armies, despite TC successes in the west and south. Zokesia begin a scorched-Kerbin policy to cover their retreat and delay Doren's advance, eventually escalating into Slow Bomb deployment by both sides.

January 18 - The Second Continental War ends in Pyrrhic victory for NEOCON - Mutually Assured Destruction with kinetic asteroid launches decimate the eastern front. Slow Bomb launches annihilate Doren and Canstana entirely. Aenia and Amber capitulate, their governments eradicated in asteroid attacks. The eastern hemisphere remains trapped in an 'asteroid winter' for two years.

The Solani Commonwealth is founded.

The Munar Congressional Republic is founded, established by Aenian refugees from Comberth, the capital which was destroyed in the war.


January - After a period of reconstruction, Aenia and Amber merge, declaring themselves to be the Greater Kerbin Union, a world government.

The nations of NEOCON, led by the GKU, declare 'a world without borders' and embark on a campaign of world conquest which begins the Great Kerbin War. The war is fought between the forces of NEOCON on one side and the combined forces of the United Front and Third Way on the other.

Operation Shadow Realm commences as the largest air battle in history, with about 2,500 fighter aircraft participating, resulting in GKU victory and the collapse of the Third Way Alliance.


The Redemption Project is completed, dissolution of the Spearkan Federation.

April - The Nautilus-Comberth Treaty is signed, ending the Great Kerbin War. The outcome of the war is indecisive; while NEOCON fails to achieve its objective of world conquest, its enemies are unable to substantially weaken the alliance. Consequences of the war include the end of the Greater Kerbin Union and the formation of its successor state, the United Continental Federation; the formation of the Arkadii - Zokesian Federation, and the foundation of the World Assembly.


For committing war crimes during the Great Kerbin War, General Vikus throws General Torque, the leader of the Third Way Alliance, out of a helicopter.


The Radivosan Campaign begins as the UCF invades the Communist State of Radivosa in central Doren.


The Belasrian Troubles commence, with ethno-nationalist guerillas igniting a low intensity conflict in southern Belanirislav and the northern UCF.


June - The UCF and Owlia begin a hunt for the missing Arcadii - Zokesian carrier Arkadii-Soyuz, hijacked by Neo-Sithlovists.

September - Several UCF senators are arrested, implicated in a North Grestin conspiracy to ignite a war between the UCF and Arkadii-Zokesia, beginning a chain of events which would eventually lead to the fall of the UCF, its replacement by the Imperium, and the outbreak of the System War.


The Arcadii - Zokesian Federation collapses.

General Vikus is declared the God Emperor of Kerbalkind as the UCF evolves into the Imperium.


May - The Coalition for Supranational Democracy - a large, multinational democratic alliance - is created, including both NEOCON and non-NEOCON members. Within the Coalition, an anti-Zokesian alliance is formed between Vocavium, Atlas, North Grestin, and the HKA. Anti-Zokesian sentiment had been growing around the world as a result of the extreme policies of the Grail regime; the alliance now intervened to end the ongoing Zokesian genocide and topple that regime, commencing an air and naval campaign which became known as the Zokesian blockade, with the eventual goal of launching a ground invasion of Zokesia. Zokesia's NEOCON partners do not intervene, but maintain a stance of benevolent neutrality towards the embattled nation.

September - Nuvalka is formed

December - The Zokesian Phosphor fleet is interned by the neutral Imperium at the port of the island of Korfu. In retaliation for the Zokesian bombardment of Moho, North Grestin's Battlefleet Kerbol conducts a missile bombardment of the small island from orbit, destroying the fleet and inflicting heavy damage on the island. In response, the Tau Coalition begins an undelcared war against North Grestin, beginning the first phase of the series of conflicts which would eventually become known as the System War, and directly precipitating the outbreak of the Great Crusade.

Era of Continued Strife

Just kill me


The first phase of the System War ends with the banishment of Grestin's space forces from the Kerbin system and the destruction of Battlefleet Kerbol. Formerly Grestin - occupied Minmus is returned to Zokesian control.

February - Tensions mount between the nations of NEOCON and the non - NEOCON nations of the CSD in the aftermath of the Korfu strikes, as the anti-Zokesian coalition refuses to repudiate Grestin's actions. Tekkia's redirection of an asteroid strike originally intended for and militarily neutral Tekkia towards Zokesia proved to be the final straw which convinced the nations of NEOCON to intervene on Zokesia's behalf, beginning the Second Great Kerbin War, otherwise known as the Kolus War, or the Great Crusade.


The Second Great Kerbin War ends indecisively. The last active front of the conflict, the Imperium landing in Westray, ends with a Kroman-Imperial ceasefire. However, the consequences of the war are far - reaching, as in its wake, the three most important super-national organisations on Kerbin - the CSD, World Assembly, and NEOCON - are all dissolved.

In the course of the Great Crusade, the government of New Grestin re-establishes control over most of its Kafrican territory in a countercoup against the North Grestin Confederacy. The remnants of the North Grestin Confederacy flee off-world, establishing the Valorian Confederation. The Confederation immediately begins the rapid conquest of the inner systems; Moho, Eve, and Duna are all captured in quick succession.

Avalon's invasion of neighboring Elysium results in a decisive victory, followed by Elysium's annexation.

March - The Valorian Battlefleet Venus launches a surprise attack on the colony of New Comberth in the Imperial - controlled Munar Congressional Republic; the Tau Coalition declares war on Valoria, beginning the second phase of the System War.


February - Valoria surrenders unconditionally to Tau Coalition forces. The Treaty of Gilly dissolves the Valorian state, and all former Valorian territory is occupied by the Imperium. Some Valorian units refuse to surrender, forming the Valorian Republican Army and beginning the third phase of the System War - the Valorian insurgency.

Avalon subjugates its neighbors Azenia and the NKS, relegating both as puppet states; after refusing vassalization, Osini is conquered and occupied by Avalon.

2.5 million kerbal 'undesirables,' presumed missing from the south Kolus regions in the 2080s, are recovered by Imperial forces on the surface of Moho, revealing the Mohocaust genocide.


Queen-Empress Ella II of Zokesia marries God Emperor Vikus of the Imperium; afterwards, Ella's ascension as post-war Zokesia's head of state de facto unites each empire as a dual monarchy.

Avalon reforms into Kafrica, led by 'Kafrican Socialism,' or KAFSOC.


Imperial security forces neutralize the last holdings of the Valorian Republican Army on Eve, ending the final phase of the System War in a Tau Coalition victory.


The Kafrican War commences between KAFSOC and the United Kafrican Front, a resistance axis created by Krome and Vocavium.

May - Bastio is purchased from Nuvalka by Strelka

Puge-Tatar supports North Salvacion in Bastian civil war.


August - Avalon revolts with Krakain, Eureka, and Arkeria, marking the beginning of the end for the socialist regime of KAFSOC


Janurary - North Grestin issues an arrest warrant for General Vikus for alleged warcrimes during the System War, finding Vikus guilty in absentina later that month.

Feburary - Invasion of North Grestin by UIF and Strelkan forces.

Feburary - Partition of North Grestin between Defender, Tekkia, and Strelka as the nation refuses to negotiate.

November - Signing of the Kafraic Theas treaty, laying the foundation of Greater Aontas.


March - Kercia is invaded by Urojf.


Feburary - Completion of the Solani Exodus Program, small spaceport enclaves are maintained on Kerbin.

May - Grail Returns to power in Zokesia

September - Revolts within KAFSOC begin as Krakain, Eureka, Arkeria, and Lothbrok declare their independence.

December - Strelka invades Alterix in order to prevent regime change.


Feburary - Bastian Civil war officially ends


October - Kafrican War officially ends with dissolution of KAFSOC

December - Collapse of the New Avalonian Republic


December - Strelkan Naval junta splits, Alterix and Nord-Grest declare independence. UIF supports Junta rump state in the southern sea islands and the Laveskan port city of Hout, Nuvalka retakes Bastio as the sale voids.


Nuvalkan mobile cities begin roaming the northern deserts of ex-Vanadia, disincorporation of northern Nuvalka.

Nautilus island declares its independence from Krome


Zokesian Reclaimation of Bravis Islands, formerly under Strelkan Control, in Operation Gemini is a success.

End of KP2 gameplay, the following 10 years are non-played epilogues


Narmina Kazimov becomes first Nuvalkan Space Tourist


Grestinian Dres colony established.

March - Aontas is Formed from clients of Tekkia and Grestin



UIF-backed Gulsi Tabbard leads unsuccessful coup of Krome



Invasion of Nautilus by Zokesian forces fails in establishing foothold


Bravis islands invaded as a response to Nautilus invasion


Colonization of Duna begins en masse by remaining Tau Coaltion members


Multiple nations across kerbin fall to anarchist movements sweeping across the world, following economic hardship as a result of overmining for off-planet space efforts.


Sarconian insurgents conduct a surprise bombardment and invasion of Aquaria’s northern territories, sending the government and military into disarray and sparking a brutal 2 day war. The conflict would end in the surrender and dissolution of the nation under its original constitution, after 66 years on Kerbin.

White peace in Nautiline-Zokesian war signed

Zokesia occupies Fish Island with airborne forces.


The city of Lotte Kyu and the immediately surrounding area peacefully secedes from Fegeland and Algiza, forming the Principality of Seifare. The microstate begins to operate as a tax haven, and takes The House of Resseifea, a minor Feguan Dynasty, as it’s ruling family.

United Nations of Kerbin founded with 30 founding members, to establish conditions under which justice and rule of law can be maintained across Kerbin.

First Federal Union of Phoenia founded, acts of union between Iroa and Tekkia signed


First Kalban-Orion War begins and then ends later that year with a white peace.



UIF collapses following the disappearance of God-Emperor Vikus; ? declared successor state


Scientific Exploratory Research Group (SERG) wins elections in Zokesia, ushering in an era of peace in Kolus.


Ultranationalist Arcadia rises from the ashes of the UIF


Anti-Hermian Coalition War begins and ends later that year with a coalition victory. Hermia is split into two halves, the Orion Empire gains its first foothold on Kerbin in Canstana.



May - The colony of South Forestti purchased by Zokesia from Erusia

August - Second Zokesian Federation chartered by Zokesia and Arcovdonia

August - SFRK government steps down


Start of the Nautilus War

Anti-Kroman coalition war starts and ends later that year, resulting in the dissolution of Krome.


Ella II of Zokesia Dies; Throne of Zokesia passed to Princess Magdalene Ward-Vikus


East Hermia Integrated by Orion Empire


An expedition to colonize the Mun is met by hostile native inhabitants; later discovered to be Munar Colonists from UIF.


Nautilus war ends with a coalition victory. HKA is absorbed into Alecton Nautilus annexes Gary island.


Nuvastian Worm War begins


Nuvastia declares war on Elohim; Millons killed in Nuvastian orbital bombardments.


Fighting breaks out in Warring States of Amber; Imperial Remnants begin long march to the Tau Sea


Joint Phoenian-Orion task force in space destroys the Nuvastian Republic's space fleet, bringing an end to the Worm War and overthrowing the Nuvastian government.

Era of Consolidation


Phoenia gains land in southern Egercia

Strelkan South Kafrica breaks away from Aonta; begins war of terror against Tekkia.


SFRK breaks up following the arrest of Ranko Kerman for war crimes.

Kafrica descends into multinational conflict, between Mittelkafrika, South Kafrica, Aonta, and Grestin.


Strelkan Civil War comes to an end with the creation of Strelka-Terkkia;


Kolusian Dust Bowl wipes out 75% of Kolus Nations

Krosterreich-Vienno War occurs, resulting in the destruction of the Krosterreich and partitioning of Strelka-Terkkia. The free states of Arkeria and Sur-Krakain are created from the ashes of Krosterreich territories.


Millions starve as crops die year after year in Kolus; Burr Federation is formed out of Five nations; Crytil, Calador, Zalkent, Kathern, and Surnay

June - Due to rising tensions, and a looming Belkan Invasion, Hartfordia activates "Operation Final Days" Destroying the Nation, shortly after Belka Annexes whats left of Hartfordia.


Black Monday sees the worst drop in Zokesian stock market in history - and a record third year of economic decline.

Munar Congressional Republic opens official contact with Kerbin for the first time.


Zokesian Greens compromise and re-elect John Kallan Kerman as President of Zokesia; Burr Federation Dissolves, beginning the Burr War - Zokesian Stahl Sieg defects to Surnay, establishing Reichskommisariat Juno


Orion Navy intercepts Stahl Sieg warships in Valenian Straits, Surnay surrenders to Zokesia


Campaign to liberate Schrschnell from Stahlseig concludes with heavy losses on both sides; Stahl Sieg flees to Crytil


Crytil continues war with Zalkent; white peace signed before the end of the year after a successful Coalition campaign to contain Crytil

Belkan Super Battleship Eminent Domain is finished, breaking the record as the Heaviest, Longest, and the Battleship to have the Most amount of Large Caliber Guns in the Modern Era.


Sahren Civil War begins

Stahl Sieg and Strelkans in Jackson defeat Laveskan armed forces, declare a free Strelkan Suid-Kafrican state.


Stahl Sieg pardoned by John Kallan Kerman

Burr War ends with coalition victory and white peace


Nautilus-Laveska unites with MCR to form Imperial United Front; War with Arcadia declared for the Imperial Reclamation of Aenia.

Belka and Zokesia join the war against Arcadia in a Alliance with the IUF.

Sahren Civil War ends in Republican victory and establishment of Sahrland-Bastia


Reminent Hazardous Materials in Hartfordia leek into Northern-Central Belka, and Northern Belka, killing 15000~ Kerbals and Destroying the Belkan Port of Kolburg, forcing them to use the Crytillian Port of Svarsk.


Operation Cobalt sees a pro-Imperial landing force invade North Point