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A microstate or ministate is a sovereign state having a very small population or very small land area, usually both. However, the meanings of "state" and "very small" are not well-defined in international law. Some recent attempts to define microstates have focused on identifying qualitative features that are linked to their size and population, such as partial delegation of their sovereignty to larger states, such as for international defense.

List of microstates — by area or population

Sovereign states with an area less than 1,000km²
Flag Nation Population Area Foundation(Ingame) Continent
FishIsland Flag.png
Fish Island 4,500 15km² 2062 Caledon
Seifare Flag 4K.png
Seifare 44,382 592km² 2116 Doren
Ur Flag.png
Ur 182,700 609km² 2115 Veiid
Juno Flag.png
Juno 195,723 766km² 2074 Kolus
Gume Flag.png
Gume 244,533 596km² 2071 Kolus
KSC Flag.png
KSC 88,223 123km² 0 Kafrica
BC Flag.png
Baskay 293,319 876km² 2043 Caledon
Equatoria Flag.png
Equatoria 500,000 4,000km² 2000 Doren
Gibrazi-Stova Flag.png
Gibrazi-Stova 500,000 4,000km² 2000 Firesvar
Beidao Flag.png
Beidao 29,469 18km² 2098 Firesvar
Gorodsky Flag.png
Gorodsky 283,564 293km² 2057 Veiid

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