New Kalban Republic

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New Kalban Republic (Kalban: Nova Kalbanska Republika) is a state that exists in the Kalbans region of Kerbin. It was founded in 2088 as an attempt to recreate the SFRK.

New Kalban Republic
Nova Kalbanska Republika
NKR Flag.png
Flag of the New Kalban Republic
Motto No motto as of 2144
Full name Nova Kalbanska Republika
Anthem No anthem as of 2144
NKR Map 2.png
Map of the Kalbans including the NKR
Denonym Kalbanians
Official languages Kablanic
Currency {{{currency}}}
Government Totalitarian with elections every 15 years
Foundation 2138
Vodja Cmarko Supcic
Preceded by Socijalisticka Federativna Republika Kalbanija (SFRK)
Ethnicities Kalbanian
Population Approx. 10 000 000


After the dissolution of the SFRK, a civil war broke out in the Kalbans. Fought with the latest of the SFRK technology, including weapons of mass destruction, the destruction lowered the living standards to the levels not seen since the 1700s, with the only remaining advanced technology being small quantities of military owned weapons. 10 years after the end of the civil war, the remnants of the armies that fought in the war staged a coup against the many local tribal leaders and land owners, with the goal of reuniting the Kalbanians under one nation, and rebuilding back to modern standards. The coup was successful and the army backed government took power in 2138. The first leader was elected from the upper ranks of the military, as the government didn't have the resources to run national elections, and were won by lieutenant general Cmarko Supcic, who now took the position of Vodja, and started the rebuilding process.

The 3 year programs

The first 3 year program (Retroactively named "Zora") was launched in 2138, with the goals of repairing and reactivating many of the damaged SFRK era facilities to get the nation to the point of having some semblance of a modern nation, such as power, water, hospitals, some outdated industry, and efficient farming tools. The program was a great success with the facilities found in better condition than expected, and therefore reactivated in larger numbers. NKR found a regional partner - The Republic of Fortis, who for a relatively small fee trained a generation of NKR Kerbals in the sciences and politics, as well as teaching, to create the first high schools and universities in the nation. The program did not come without casualties however, with estimates ranging between 20.000 and 85.000 Kerbal deaths caused by the program.

The second 3 year program (Named "Jutro") was launched in 2142 with continuation of the rebuilding intended, this time more focused on building new facillites, as most damaged ones have already been reactivated. However the pace was a lot lower, and more attention was paid to safety, leading to a lower death count - in the region of 8.000. The programs result was closing the gap of the NKR to the rest of Kerbin, both in civilian industry and life quality, and in military technology.