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Moon of Kerbin
A photograph of Minmus taken by the inbound crew of the FSV Firma on April 25th, 2043, the first arrival of its kind since the Great Decline.
Orbital Parameters
Apoapsis 47,000,000m
Periapsis 47,000,000m
Semi-major axis 47,000,000m
Orbital eccentricity 0
Orbital period (sidereal) 49.8755093 days
Average orbital speed 0.27km/s
Mean anomaly 5.566°
Satellites None
Physical Characteristics
Equatorial radius 60,000m
Circumference 376,991m
Surface area 4.5238934×1010m2
Mass 2.64576×1019kg
Mean density 46,787.273kg/m3
Surface gravity 0.491m/s<sup2 (0.05g)
Escape velocity 0.242km/s
Sidereal rotation period 40,400s (1d,5h,13m,20s)
Solar day 21,600s (6h,0m,0s)
Axial tilt
Surface equivalent dose rate 9.862μSv/h
Surface atmospheric pressure 0kPa (0 atm)
Sphere of influence 2,247,428m
Discovered N/A
Landed upon some time later

Minmus is the second and smaller natural satellite of Kerbin.