Confederation of Feguanesian States

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The Confederation of Feguanesian States is an international organization aiming to peacefully unite any nation that shares the Feguanesian culture. Feguanesia is the region where the feguanesian civilization has spread. It's usually defined as a triangle going from Spice to NMC and south of Alecton. It's an oceanic region over much of the central sea where oceanic feguanesian peoples lived as early as ~20000 BC. Those peoples, mostly peaceful, are now located along the eastern coast of Doren bordering the central sea.

Terms of the Confederation Of Feguanesian States

  1. Each Member will never attack or aggress in any way whatsoever any other Member
  2. In case of a Member being attacked militarily by another nation, all of the Members of this Confederation would bring help and support to the attacked Member, including military support and war.
  3. In case of a Member being in financial trouble / economic crisis,others Members will be allowed and strongly advised to help him by the loan of financial funds. However this is not an obligation.
  4. Any kind of trade between Members will be duty-free. The circulation of Kerbals and goods will be free.
  5. Each Member accepts that he will never use the Terms of the Confederation to organize a trade that would compromise the world's safety or the health of peoples. Including weapons or drugs smuggling. The sale and trade of weapons in fully authorized but it must be known by all the other Members.
  6. Each Member accept to not infringe the Declaration of Kerbal Rights and to not commit crimes againsT Kerbalkind.
  7. Each Member will help the preservation of the Feguanesian cuture and will help Art and Culture in general.
  8. A military cooperative exercise, the CEFEX, will be planned each 2 years. Each Member will be invited to show his latest military

improvements to others. Classified stuff will not be presented at the CEFEX.

Members (2093)