New Kalban Republic

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New Kalban Republic (Kalban: Nova Kalbanska Republika) is a state that exists in the Kalbans region of Kerbin. It was founded in 2088 as an attempt to recreate the SFRK.

New Kalban Republic
Nova Kalbanska Republika
[[File:NKR Flag.png]]
Flag of the New Kalban Republic
Motto No motto as of 2144
Full name Nova Kalbanska Republika
Anthem No anthem as of 2144
[[File:NKR Map.png|400px]]
Map of the Kalbans including the NKR
Denonym Kalbanians
Official languages Kablanic
Currency {{{currency}}}
Government SOON
Foundation 2138
Vodja Cmarko Supcic
Preceded by Socijalisticka Federativna Republika Kalbanija (SFRK)
Ethnicities Kalbanian
Population Approx. 10 000 000