Joolian Federation

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title1 = Joolian Coalition|image1 = JoolianCoalition.png|motto = Ad Astra, Per Aspera|members = Solaria, Mechani, TEST, Basil, Aquaria|type = Extraplanetary Organisation|official_languages = Solarian, Native Mechani, Testian, Basilian, Aquarian

The Joolian Coalition is an alliance of Solaria, Mechani, TEST, Basil, and Aquaria. It is unique in that its terms only apply within the SOI of Jool, making it the only extraplanetary alliance in the Kerbol System. It aims to keep the peace and support colonisation around the Jool.

Formation and Early Colonisation

In 2059, after quiet buildup around the Joolian system and closed door talks, the nations of Solaria, Mechani, Basil and Krome declared the formation of the Joolian Coalition State. Aquaria, who had dispatched a colony ship to the system mere wells before the announcment, began negotiations with the JCS and was quickly accepted as the 5th and final member. Relations with the existing Grestian Laythe colony were for the time neutral.

The claim was opposed by some, most notably New Grestin, stating “it wouldn’t last a month”. As the buzz from the formation settled down and settlements such as Fleet Base Pol were established, the Joolian SOI was uneventful, until the crisis surrounding Comer and the treaty. As Grestin was demilitarised, they were mandated to turn over all holdings on Laythe to the JCS. Instead of continuing on Laythe under the Coalition, the colonists conducted an exodus from the system, leaving the moon empty, and the JCS in full control of the system.


With the Coalition in full control of the system, efforts began to bolster colonisation and defenses. The capital of Laythe Prime was established on an equatorial archipelago, the breathable atmosphere and pressure allowing colonists to roam the surface unencumbered with the suits needed on all other bodies except Kerbin. The Aquarian colony ship arrived after a 2 and a half year journey, making landfall in the southern hemisphere of Vall, discovering an ancient alien artefact at the site of the colony. Shipyards were constructed across the system, allowing for much more economic production of both warships and and peaceful craft alike.

As Jool prospered, the first threat against it rose. Several Wovian warships dispatched within months of formation were growing closer to the system, and Mechani fleets prepared to combat them if they intruded. Fortunately, over the span of the year long journey, tensions cooled, and the ships passed peacefully.