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Orbital Parameters
Apoapsis 13,599,840,000m
Periapsis 13,599,840,000m
Semi-major axis 13,599,840,000m
Orbital eccentricity 0
Orbital period (sidereal) 426.0900463 days
Average orbital speed 9.825km/s
Mean anomaly 179.909°
Satellites 1 natural permanent satellite; Gilly
Physical Characteristics
Equatorial radius 600,000m
Circumference 3,769,911m
Surface area 4.5238934×1012m2
Mass 5.97217×1024kg
Mean density 58,484.090 kg/m3
Surface gravity 9.81m/s<sup2 (1g)
Escape velocity 3.431km/s
Sidereal rotation period 21,549.425s (5h,59m,9.4s)
Solar day 21,600s (6h,0m,0s)
Axial tilt
Surface equivalent dose rate 0.268μSv/h
Surface atmospheric pressure 101.325kPa (1 atm)
Sphere of influence 84,159,286m
Discovered Prehistoric times
Landed upon some time later

Eve is the second planet from Kerbol.